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Auditing Payroll Packages

  • Statutory Audit Package: If your company is subject to annual audit requirements in a legal manner, we partner with you with an external auditor in order to maintain independence and objectivity of the work performed.
  • Non Statutory/Internal Audit Package: Your Company is not legally required to submit annual record, but you want to identify material error, misstatement, or inefficiency of controls, management or system of your organization, this is the best audit package for you. Under this package, you can avail rent audit, financial audit, integrated, operational, investigative audits, etc.
  • Monthly Payroll Package:


For low volume transactions S$300-S$400 Per Month Contact Us
For medium volume transactions S$500-S$800 Per Month Contact Us
For high volume transactions S$800-S$1500 Per Month Contact Us
Accounting services – Yearly basis S$600 up Yearly Contact Us

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