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Corporate Secretarial Service Faqs

What is the role and scope of company secretary service provided by

The law demands from a newly registered Singapore company to appoint a company secretary within 6 months of its incorporation.

  • A qualified company secretary can use his or her experience in;
  • Helping members in complying with Singapore Companies Act
  • Reminding members of various statutory deadlines
  • Maintaining the statutory registers
  • Issuing notice of meetings to the shareholders and directors
  • Safe keeping of company seal

Who can be a Company Secretary in Singapore?

  • In case of private limited companies any Singapore citizen or the permanent resident can act in this capacity, provided that the person has requisite knowledge and experience to shoulder the responsibility of the job.
  • A Singapore citizen, a permanent resident of Singapore or a foreigner holding an employment pass or dependant pass can act as a company secretary.
  • A company director can also act as a company secretary. However, the sole-director of a company is barred for acting in this capacity.
  • In case of a public company, the requirements for the company secretary are tough. The person must be qualified and must have worked as a company secretary for 3 years out of last 5 years. It is most often full-time, in-house job requiring lot of legal and company experience.
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